sobota, 28 marca 2015

Calming down my soul.

Wisława Szymborska 

(in love)

Jest nam tak cicho, że słyszymy
 (It's so quiet that we hear)
piosenkę zaśpiewaną wczoraj:
(a song sung yesterday:)
"Ty pójdziesz górą, ja doliną..."
("You up the hill, me down the valley...")
Chociaż słyszymy — nie wierzymy.
(Though we hear - we don't believe.)

Nasz uśmiech nie jest maską smutku,
(Our smile is not a mask of sorrow,)
a dobroć nie jest wyrzeczeniem.
( kindness is not a sacrifice.)
I nawet więcej, niż są warci,
(And even more than they deserve,)
niekochających żałujemy.
(we pity those who do not love)

Tacyśmy zadziwieni sobą,
(We, so surprised with ourselves,)
że cóż nas bardziej zdziwić może?
(what can surprise us more?)
Ani tęcza w nocy.
(Neither a rainbow at night.)
Ani motyl na śniegu.
 (Neither a butterfly upon snow)

A kiedy zasypiamy,
(And when we fall asleep,)
we śnie widzimy rozstanie.
(In the dream we see a breakup.)
Ale to dobry sen,
(But it's a good dream,)
ale to dobry sen, bo się budzimy z niego.
(but it's a good dream, because from it we wake up.)

Sometimes, when I don't feel like writing letters I try to find an inspiration somewhere. I try to calm my heart and my soul and fill it with all kinds of beauty. I go for a long, good book, I prepare a cup of tea I haven't tasted before, I listen to a new, calm music. It's usually a sung poetry. I have my favourite people who sing poets. The sound of a guitar placate me somehow. Sometimes I just look for a poem that will name all those things which are in my heart at this current moment. There is a bunch of nice options to take a breath and come back to my hobby with a "fresh" mind and rested soul. 

Few days ago, me and my little sister decided to go for a walk. It was one of those spontaneous decisions that turn out to be the best for me. I mean, I enjoyed it very much and I managed to take a few pictures, while walking, talking and laughing with the little one.We had a wonderful weather and it was good for both - my body and my soul. :-)

Yesterday I came back home from Wrocław - a beautiful and picturesque city. I had a great time there, I roamed around the city, tried a new food in a nice restaurant and enjoyed being with myself. Now I can return to my mail pile with a pleasure. There are 4 letters waiting for my care so this is what I'll be doing this weekend. Have a great day and I wish you lots of inspirations!


7 komentarzy:

  1. Jak pięknie! I to światło zachodzącego słońca...

    1. Cieszę się, że się podobają. :-)

  2. Such beautiful photos! You Seen to life in a very nice area :) Oh, and beautiful poem, too

    1. Yes, the area I live in is beautiful. And I love returning from a big city to this calm and quiet place. :)