piątek, 3 kwietnia 2015

ediimail - April.

 Hello to you in this wonderful time of April! At the beginning of my new blog post I would like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER! I hope it will be time full of joy, love and happiness, spent in the lovely and peaceful atmosphere with your loved ones. 
This year I'm going to spend it at home, with my two great friends and with my family. We'll probably be the biggest eaters ever! What's more we'll be a bunch of big eaters playing board games (Scrabble above all)! I really can't wait for this time of cleaning, cooking, baking to come to an end so I can finally start eating, hehe. 

some time ago I had a lovely time with a strawberry smoothie, some muffins I baked and, of course - letterwriting! I couldn't resist taking few pictures, obviously, which I'm going to show you right now: 

 as you can see, I'm writing to my dear friend - Bart. He is a dear friend of mine and I enjoy preparing my ediimail for him to bits. This time I want to send him a notebook-length letter full of my recent adventures, news, thoughts, dreams and so on. It's impossible to be written in one or two sittings so I'm filling it slowly  step by step but with a big care. It brings joy to my heart and to be honest I can't wait for him to receive my April ediimail. :-) 

generally it has been a productive time for me if it comes to penpalling, so I have a bunch of outgoing letters to show:

 A letter for Tuija in Sweden.

 this one flied to Tuija in Sweden and I got a message she received it last week. We have our small tradition of sending our letters written on various sheets of paper. I love it, seriously! I admire her beautiful stationery and I enjoy sharing mine with her, as well. Besides it's the only example of an Easter ediimail I have, this year, that arrived on time. I also liked this cute, oval Easter Card - an egg shape for an Easter Card seems really nice, don't you think so? 

 A letter for Bianca in Germany.

this one is going to get wings and fly to Bianca in Germany. We weren't in touch for a few months but she has a special place in my heart so I spent my yesterday's evening with her and wrote her quite a long letter and put it into a handmade, map envelope. I don't know why but I just love map envelopes. They perfectly match the idea of my hobby. 
I didn't manage to send it before Easter break so it has to wait till Tuesday. I hope it'll be worth the wait in Bianca's eyes. 

the last outgoing mail I'll show you today is the one I've started replying to today. It'll travel to my dear Lithuanian friend - Kornelija. We both love bears so I'm happy to use a stationery of a bear theme. I hope to finish it soon and send with a big smile to my friend. :-)

the only letter I've recived since my last ediimail post, was the one from Kornelija. She sent me a wonderful package which I'm going to share a bit with you right now. Frankly speaking, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many beautiful things her package contained!!!

The package from Kornelija.

 An old, little notebook (I love it!).
 Some delicious, Lithuanian candies.
 The most beautiful earrings ever!

 A long, warm letter.

 And such an adorable bookmark.

as you can see I'm a lucky one to have such a thoughtful friend. Now it's my turn to evoke a smile on her face and I can't wait to finish gathering some nice goodies for her! :-) Believe me or not, we met accidentally on interpals.net site. It seemed to be one of those usual, boring evenings, but it surely wasn't! I met a special friend whom I can't imagine not being in touch anymore!

well, that's all I wanted to share with you this time. In my next blog posts you'll read about a swap I've recently taken part in, and then I'll try to write one about my Polish correspondence, so stay tuned!

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  1. Such lovely mail again! :) I'm always tempted to also write a letter in a notebook as this idea seems so lovely when I see it on blogs, but so far I didn't dare to as I'd be worried that I'd run out of things to tell and have blank pages in the end. Is filling it completely no trouble for you at all, and do you often write letters in notebooks? :)
    And I love sending map envelopes, too! :)
    I wish you great Easter holidays with your friends and family and all the food! :)

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, dear Sandra! It's always so nice to read from you! :) If it comes to the notebook - I don't have such problems with Bart. There is always something to tell, to share... I'm worried I'll have to stick some more pages to the notebook hehe :D It's my first time that I'm writing a letter in a notebook. So high five my fellow map envelopes lover! ;) Happy Easter!

  2. I've never received such mail before. I'm excited to read everything in it!

    I wish you, your family and your friends a beautiful Easter celebration!

  3. Such a beautiful notebook and the other mail looks great as well. I have the feeling you enjoy penpalling a lot at the moment, as you mail shows a lot of care. <3