wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2015

Spring Swaps

I remember, when I was a newbie to this wonderful hobby of writing letters I enjoyed GETTING mail so much that I rarely cared about sent pieces of mail. This is something I'm ashamed of now, but now I'm happy I got the chance to understand the real meaning of penpalling and that I was open enough to discover the beauty of giving - of preparing packages, buying things my friends might REALLY like, getting to know their taste of music, books, or any other likes. 
Those past few months I could rarely find a letter in my mailbox. But it's nothing new - you should send something if you want to receive something, right? :) Anyway I've started to miss getting random mail... That's why I decided to join 2 Spring Swaps in March. One of them was organized by a League of Extraordinary Penpals and the other one was a swap created by a Swap-bot member. 

Spring Clean Stationery Swap

"It's spring!!!! Cue the birds and flowers and rainbows. (Unless you live anywhere in the Midwest or on the East Coast and then I am very very sorry for flaunting spring in your face...)

Anyways! Ok so technically it's spring and with spring comes not only a holiday where we for some reason hunt for psychedelic colored chicken eggs that have been hidden by a mythical bunny... It also means SPRING CLEANING!!!

Sooo for this swap we are going to do just that!!! Are you a hoarder of stationery? Do you have more postcards in your possession than you could ever possibly send? Are you still compelled to purchase that box set of 100 Classic Pin Up Girls postcards anyway? Well, then this is the swap for you!!!

It's time to lovingly go through your letter writing stash and share the love! (Don't cry! You have plenty..... And, your partner will be sending you some of their goodies!!!) Everyone will have one partner. Simply gather up a parcel's worth of papery goodness to send off to their new home. You can include things like random postcards. Those pesky last sheets of a stationery set. Hand made envies. Note cards!!! (Sigh. I love notecards.) Perhaps you have a stationery set you've grown out of or that just isn't YOUR style? Send it to a new home!!! Sharing is caring. Have fun Spring Cleaning my paper addict friends."  

After reading what that swap was going to be about I suddenly feel motivated to organize my stationery and stuff and send away some of my stationery. I prepared a bunch of different sheets - mostly DIDDL ones because I doubt if I ever can use all of them :-) All in all I hope my partner in swap enjoyed my little bits of paper and other goodies. 

I was one, happy bunny when I opened my mailbox and noticed a swap package I couldn't wait to open it. It was such a lovely feeling to receive a random mail... I adored every piece of it - handwriting on the envelope and all treasures I could find inside it.

Heart Warming Package Swap

The second part I decided to join was at Swap-bot.com. The name of it really caught my attention and after few minutes later I clicked the JOIN button. :-) What did your package contain?
  • 2 different tea bags (or any other hot drink)
  • something to wear (socks, scarf, gloves, jewelry...)
  • something sweet to eat
  • a keychain
  • a little surprise that is profile based!  

    Unfortunately the only picture I took was the one of my package and you can find it at the beginning of this blog post. Anyway it was fun to join this swap and maybe I will join some more in the summer time. Now I'm in the middle of my Birthday packages preparations because MAY is definetely a month of my penfriends' Birthdays - YAY! :-) 

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  1. I love how your swap partners have decorated their parcels as well as putting lots of effort into the contents! That's awesome to see - and brings new meaning to the concept of mail art.

    Are you able to post a link for the League of Extraordinary Pen pals? I'd love to check them out!

    -Angel1985 (Comment and Follow #43)