poniedziałek, 25 maja 2015

On the countryside...

Hi there, my lovely readers.

Life has been rather busy for me lately. I had been evolved in a big project in our village and it "ate" most of my free time. I could enjoy my time with children, looking after them and helping them with their nursery rhymes which were finally said on Sunday's celebration. It was a great experience and that moment when one of them came to me with a bunch of flowers and chocolates to say a 'thank you' with her cute, childish voice - my heart was completely melted, trust me! I even started to have thoughts about working with children in the future. :-) 

On another note - I've started to pay more attention to my "NOW" and "HERE" what means I want to enjoy these little things in life, I tend to ignore most of the time. I'm waiting for something big and unprecedented without noticing it's actually happening and consisting of these small things. During last week I was making a mug of tea, preparing a piece of paper and listing all positive things, thoughts, situations that happened for me that day. I noticed a big difference and I'll start to continue it and make it a part of my routine. It's unbelievable how much it can change... How much a smile, a smell of book, a handmade bookmark for a dear friend, a thoughtful message, a spontaneous meeting can change in your life. My eyes were opening more and more on the good side of life instead of focusing on all the bad news, negative thoughts and attitudes this current world provides us with. 

The biggest highlight of couples of last weeks was finding another kindred spirit and a soulmate. Of course, it's just the beginning but there is something special about it that brings a lovely feeling. It's like we have been knowing each other for ages already, not just 2 weeks. Such a wonderful experience... 

I plan to be more active here, on my blog and upload blog posts on a daily basis but you know how my plans tend to end... *sigh* We've been having a lovely, rainy weather. I'm not in a writing mood, though. I prefer to spend my time on reading and watching episodes of a TV-series. My life needs a balance, I guess. I know, my writing mood will be back in a while and I'll be able to create some ediimail pieces for my friends. I'm looking forward to that! 

piątek, 15 maja 2015

My writing routine...

Hello my wonderful readers! 

It's edii here and at the beginning of this blog post I want to thank you for all your comments and nice words about my website I have been getting from you lately. It really means a lot to me and as long as someone enjoys my blog I'll be here - you can be sure about that! 
Today I'm coming to you with a post about my writing routine. Routines are actually a big part of my daily life - they calm me down, they make me feel good and comfortable. Somehow they also bring a good mood in the packet. One of the most pleasant routines to work on for me is my writing routine and I would love to tell you about it, so grab a big mug of coffee or a delicious tea of your favourite flavor and let me show you my kingdom of writing routine. 

  My room is small but bright and cosy - I enjoy withdrawing there and doing something what can provide me with joy, peace and creativeness. One of these things is undoubtely penpalling. My room is the only place in the whole house when I write my letters. I have tried to do that in our living room, or in the kitchen - it's no use and I always come back to my own four walls. When I'm in my room I can't complain about lack of concentration. All my thoughts seem to come to my head easier and it makes me happier. 

My writing process begins in early morning or late evening when I know there is probably nothing to do and I can utterly focus on writing. During the day there are chores to be done, or people who need me somehow so it doesn't appear nice or concentration-friendly. That's why I prefer an early morning when everybody else is sleeping and there is that peaceful silence in the background or a late evening - because of the same reason. :-) 

I start with preparing a mug of a hot, delicious tea. I don't know why but cups aren't "my cup of tea", hehe. In my opinion there is nothing better than a big mug with, hopefully, a cute design that makes your heart smile. My favourite tea is Meßmer Tee, Tekkanne or Lipton - fruit flavors. Sometimes, when I'm writing in the morning I replace a tea with a coffee and then I reach for INKA - Inka is a roasted mixture of rye, barley, chicory, and sugar beet. Cereals make up 72% of the content and in the classic version there are no artificial ingredients or other additives. No caffeine and tasty.

 There are three things I find to be perfect gifts - a mug, a book and funny, fluffy socks. :-) 
When everything is ready, I head to my room and pick a good music to fly in the background and make my writing process even happier. I do think that the perfect music in such moments is the sound of the rain but well - sometimes I can enjoy a lovely, sunny weather outside and I have to help myself with some other music. I also want to admit that from time to time I enjoy writing in a complete silence. No music at all. 
I love it when my friends send me handmade CDs with their favourite music. By dint of such an experience with Nina I could fall in love with Enrique Bunbury - his music is just a perfection, trust me! Some jazz music, movie backgrounds (especially the Braveheart one) do a good job as well. :-) I also have to confess that I uploaded an application for my phone that plays the sound of a rain. Obviously, it's not the same but still - a poor substitute. 

 Then I decide who I will be writing my letter to. I choose my stationery and pens. When I started my adventure with letters I prefered using store bought stationery. Now I thoroughly enjoy creating and writing on a hand-decorated paper. It has its own beauty no designs could replace. That's just my opinion. I still use my DIDDL paper or every other stationery I have and then decorate the back of a sheet with drawings, tapes and stickers. Every detail is important to me. Whenever I can I try to match my stationery to my friend's likes. :-) 

During the whole replying process I use my Penpalling Notebook that Nina created for me. You can read more about this notebook here. It's a great wait to stay organized and keep track on your sent and received letters. I enjoy it to the moon and back! :-) I'm very grateful that Nina showed me that beautiful way of staying organized. 

 There are people out there who think that Penpalling is an expensive hobby - you need to buy stationery, stickers, tapes and all that stuff... To be honest I was among those people, but one day I meet Maja, my dear friend from Slovenia who showed me that it's all about buying stamp - that is actually the only expense. All my current tapes and stickers were a gift from my dear friends and I enjoy using them a lot! The thing I want to say is that I won't get frustrated if they all are gone and I stay with my empty hands - then I will draw and decorate my stationery in many other ways. :-) 

I write with my fountain Parper pen - it's my first serious fountain pen and my beloved one. But I also enjoy trying out different pens - BIC, Stabilo, PaperMate ones... Currently my biggest dream is to try Lamy and Muji pens. Instagram pictures of fellow letter writers are full of them and I guess I caught the bug. :-) 
Since I remember I have been looking for this red pen you can see in the picture, but with a blue or black ink. I believe it was my perfect ballpoint pen... If you ever happen to find it somewhere, please, let me know! It's PaperMate Crystal Color pen, if I remember well. 


My letters are getting longer and longer and I think the real joy of writing has just started for me. My head is full of new ideas, projects, stationery designs. I'm more or less caught up and there is no stress in me when I look at my mailpile - no! There is rather a joy that there are those wonderful people who take their time to write to me. Just to me...

That would be all for this blog post. I hope, you guys, enjoyed it and if you have any questions - feel free to ask! I will happily answer all of them. :-)
Hugs from sunny mountains!

sobota, 2 maja 2015

ediimail - April part 2.


Hi there!

I'm having a beautiful, rainy day today. It's wonderful to sit at my desk and admire all these small raindrops flowing down my window. I prepared a cup of morning coffee and decided to spent some hours with you, my dear readers, writing on my blog. It's always a relaxing way of spending time for me, and I'm doing what I utterly enjoy - only plus points :-) 
Does the weather affect your writing mood? Do you prefer writing on rainy or rather sunny days? I would love to read your opinions in the comment section below.

It's time for another ediimail blog post, are you excited? My penpalling world is rather calm these days. During the April month I managed to send out 3 letters and received 4 letters. I remember times when I simply couldn't imagine not sending 5 letters in a week, and now I'm sending 3 letters in a month... Everything changes, so does my penpalling attitude, I guess. And you know? I'm happy about that becuase I'm finally conscious and sure what I want from this beautiful hobby. It brings joy to my heart, it gives me an opportunity to build a friendship with WONDERFUL people, my soulmates, it's my own therapy and a cure when I have a bad day. I can't imagine my life without writing to these people anymore. I even feel kind of a discomfort when I'm calling it my "hobby". It's a way of life, it's WHO I really am.  

In April my mailbox could welcome 4 long and inspiring letters. Now, when I don't receive tons of mail every single day, I greatly appreciate finding a meaningful letter in a mailbox. Everything inside me feels like celebrating! :-) I've started to make a real ritual out of reading it. I prepare some hot drink, sit down comfortably in my armchair and start reading a letter that was written just for me by a dear friend. What a blessing! 

 Letters from Bianca (Germany) and Agnes (Poland)

 A letter from Sara (Italy)

A letter and a surprise from Nina (Germany)
Thank you!

 April was a quite productive month for me if it comes to writing letters. I finished my notebook letter for a dear friend. I plan to upload a seperated blogpost about this project so stay tuned! :-) I also wrote a letter to Bianca, Rebecca and Nina. German mail rules! :-) I came up with an idea of sending a surprise note to one of my friends as well - I really hope it will evoke a smile on this wonderful face that always brings a lot of light to my heart. 

I was also lucky enough to receive two, wonderful postcards from my friends! 

 See you soon!