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ediimail - April part 2.


Hi there!

I'm having a beautiful, rainy day today. It's wonderful to sit at my desk and admire all these small raindrops flowing down my window. I prepared a cup of morning coffee and decided to spent some hours with you, my dear readers, writing on my blog. It's always a relaxing way of spending time for me, and I'm doing what I utterly enjoy - only plus points :-) 
Does the weather affect your writing mood? Do you prefer writing on rainy or rather sunny days? I would love to read your opinions in the comment section below.

It's time for another ediimail blog post, are you excited? My penpalling world is rather calm these days. During the April month I managed to send out 3 letters and received 4 letters. I remember times when I simply couldn't imagine not sending 5 letters in a week, and now I'm sending 3 letters in a month... Everything changes, so does my penpalling attitude, I guess. And you know? I'm happy about that becuase I'm finally conscious and sure what I want from this beautiful hobby. It brings joy to my heart, it gives me an opportunity to build a friendship with WONDERFUL people, my soulmates, it's my own therapy and a cure when I have a bad day. I can't imagine my life without writing to these people anymore. I even feel kind of a discomfort when I'm calling it my "hobby". It's a way of life, it's WHO I really am.  

In April my mailbox could welcome 4 long and inspiring letters. Now, when I don't receive tons of mail every single day, I greatly appreciate finding a meaningful letter in a mailbox. Everything inside me feels like celebrating! :-) I've started to make a real ritual out of reading it. I prepare some hot drink, sit down comfortably in my armchair and start reading a letter that was written just for me by a dear friend. What a blessing! 

 Letters from Bianca (Germany) and Agnes (Poland)

 A letter from Sara (Italy)

A letter and a surprise from Nina (Germany)
Thank you!

 April was a quite productive month for me if it comes to writing letters. I finished my notebook letter for a dear friend. I plan to upload a seperated blogpost about this project so stay tuned! :-) I also wrote a letter to Bianca, Rebecca and Nina. German mail rules! :-) I came up with an idea of sending a surprise note to one of my friends as well - I really hope it will evoke a smile on this wonderful face that always brings a lot of light to my heart. 

I was also lucky enough to receive two, wonderful postcards from my friends! 

 See you soon!

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  1. Wonderful pictures! I can totally relate to your spring post because I was in the mood for looong letters and notebooks myself :) I finished more than 5 letters and one notebook. I guess Spring is the best season for me to write letters. I am most productive in spring!

  2. Your pictures of your incoming and outgoing mail always are so lovely! :) And I liked reading about your penpalling attitude, very inspiring text, and I can really relate to it. :)
    Now, about the weather and my writing mood: There isn't a huge difference between rainy or sunny weather for me, although rainy days of course are just perfect for indoor activities like writing, and it's nice to wrap in a blanket, make some tea and sit down with a letter. On sunny days, I might be more tempted to leave the house and therefore write a bit less. But it doesn't make a huge difference.

  3. Oh, you got my postcard!
    So fast, I'm proud of Italian mail :D

  4. My mailbox has been rather lonely as well.

    -zefaniya (Comment and Follow #43)

  5. Now that I think about it, I think that the weather does not affect my writing. Normally I write my letters and postcards in the evening, either with a good glass of wine or a nice tea. During the day I need to work, or to study, that does not leave much time (sadly) for preparing my snailmail.
    and I totally love the letters you displayed. Some people are so gifted!!!
    What kind of paper did you use for the envelope?? It looks so cool ♥

    chaari #swap-bot

  6. I am positive that the weather has a lot to do with how and how much I write. I love to write in the sun sitting out on the deck, just free, and fun. I think i have more fanciful posts in the sun, I am more thoughtful in the rain, LOL...
    comment and follow 43

  7. I love wrapping in a warm blanket and sipping on my coffee and reading in the winter. I also love sitting barefoot on the porch in the summer watching my dog soak up the sun and drink a nice cold water. I write my cards and letters in the morning when it seems the world is just waking up and stretching. My mail runs in the afternoon and I like have the flag up on my mailbox waiting to send and receive mail. tatntole - Comment and Follow #43