poniedziałek, 25 maja 2015

On the countryside...

Hi there, my lovely readers.

Life has been rather busy for me lately. I had been evolved in a big project in our village and it "ate" most of my free time. I could enjoy my time with children, looking after them and helping them with their nursery rhymes which were finally said on Sunday's celebration. It was a great experience and that moment when one of them came to me with a bunch of flowers and chocolates to say a 'thank you' with her cute, childish voice - my heart was completely melted, trust me! I even started to have thoughts about working with children in the future. :-) 

On another note - I've started to pay more attention to my "NOW" and "HERE" what means I want to enjoy these little things in life, I tend to ignore most of the time. I'm waiting for something big and unprecedented without noticing it's actually happening and consisting of these small things. During last week I was making a mug of tea, preparing a piece of paper and listing all positive things, thoughts, situations that happened for me that day. I noticed a big difference and I'll start to continue it and make it a part of my routine. It's unbelievable how much it can change... How much a smile, a smell of book, a handmade bookmark for a dear friend, a thoughtful message, a spontaneous meeting can change in your life. My eyes were opening more and more on the good side of life instead of focusing on all the bad news, negative thoughts and attitudes this current world provides us with. 

The biggest highlight of couples of last weeks was finding another kindred spirit and a soulmate. Of course, it's just the beginning but there is something special about it that brings a lovely feeling. It's like we have been knowing each other for ages already, not just 2 weeks. Such a wonderful experience... 

I plan to be more active here, on my blog and upload blog posts on a daily basis but you know how my plans tend to end... *sigh* We've been having a lovely, rainy weather. I'm not in a writing mood, though. I prefer to spend my time on reading and watching episodes of a TV-series. My life needs a balance, I guess. I know, my writing mood will be back in a while and I'll be able to create some ediimail pieces for my friends. I'm looking forward to that! 

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