wtorek, 23 czerwca 2015

One thing at the time.

This blogpost was supposed to be about another topic, but I decided to follow my heart and write about what really is in my head right now. There is no point in forced topics, or in inventing them just to have something to post here. I think I've started to be too worried about opinions of other people... Will they like my new blogpost or not? Will I find any comments here? Will they be satisfied because of what they could read here? Or will they rather be disappointed? Yesterday's walk I took, helped me to realize very important things, to soothe my worries and it inspired me to change something and be happy - even though I'm going through something I don't have any control of and the only thing I can do is - trusting. What in my case is more than difficult. It doesn't mean I can't be happy, though. Because it's me who decides about it.

While I was replying to dear Martina's intro letter I paid more attention on the whole proccess of writing. What I'm doing in so called "meantime", when I'm writing a letter. Instead of doing one thing at the time I was chatting with friends on WhatsApp, eating dinner, checking my facebook notifications, going through Instagram pictures, talking with my sister... WHY? WHAT'S FOR? Why am I so addicted to all the social media? Why can't I turned my laptop off, brew a delicious tea, and write a letter in a complete silence, giving my friend my whole self, my time, my thoughts and what's more important -  my attention. It's not diffucult, isn't it? Maybe that's the reason why I have been feeling like a bad friend recently. Because I'm distracted by things, I'm not doing my best, I'm trying to please everybody around me and forgetting that the source of the problem is inside my soul. As soon as I will feel a peace at my heart, I'll be able to share it with others. There is a long way ahead of me, till I learn how to use all technological goods properly, it seems. I don't want to revel in them, because all in all they are quite dangerous and it's easy to lose oneself, while using them. I often catch myself on showing something what isn't true. 

I try to show how happy I am, what a wonderful life I have, while all I really want it reading nice words, getting tons of comments and likes - it won't make me a better person, I'm aware of that. It won't change anything. It won't make the need of being hugged, listened to, understood disappear. The nice feeling all the social media brings is just for a while. One-second happiness, I would say. After that, you have to close everything, your computer screen stops to shine and you are left with... nothing. Just darkness and your sensitive heart calling for living - discovering, exploring, being happy because of small things, giving your best, helping others... You won't find it in social media. Looking at a new, delicious food won't provide you with all its amazing flavors, looking at pictures of fit and slim people won't make you feel good in your own body, looking at pictures of beautiful landscapes won't make you feel that excitment of travelling on your own, discovering this wonderful world and having some remarkable experiences and adventures. 
 So I decided to do a social media detox so checking my accounts won't be the first thing in the morning and the last one before falling asleep. I will start with only 3 days and maybe I will share my opinion, thoughts and insights in letters... With those of my penfriends who would like to read about them, of course. I need changes. I need to start LIVING - genuinely.

Taking one thing at the time sounds good to me. What a joy it might be to dedicate oneself to something, without thinking about hundred of other things that are happening at the very same moment. Can you imagine reading a book in a silence, no phone rings, no notifications, no checking on other things... Just you and a book you are reading - characters, a plot, an adventure you are disappearing in. Or can you imagine writing a letter in a peaceful atmosphere, the sound of a rain outside, or some birds singing just for you and your friend you are writing the letter to? The quiet sound of pen, sliding through sheets of paper. The smell of a tea right next to you... What a nice feeling it might be to finally HEAR your own thoughts, which you want to share with that special person. I believe that our penpalling world is going to be even more beautiful and special with such an attitude. I want you to realize that when you happened to already achieved all those things, I mentioned before - you are very lucky. Don't let anybody and anything destroy it.

wtorek, 16 czerwca 2015

Notebook - letter Project.

Hi there!

I have to confess... Recently I have been feeling like I'm discovering the whole penpalling world once again. I feel like an excited child over christmas presents. It's  w o n d e r f u l, and I wish every letter-writing enthusiast could feel like that all the time. I have a big disire to share my passion with you - post Instagram pictures, write blogposts about my penpalling adventures, and what's more important write long, thoughtful letters to my dear friends. I try to use plain paper and decorate it on my own to make it 'more me' and more personal. I have the impression that I'm falling in love with penpalling once again. I recently found a bunch of beautiful people whom I hope to build a deep and remarkable friendship. I created a board on Pinterest where I put all inspiring pictures so I can have it in one place, and look at them while sipping to a milk with honey before bed time to calm myself down and fall asleep with a head full of beautiful thoughts. Penpalling is a big part of my life, and I don't want to change that. In the meaning of penpalling word there are real people - full of dreams, plans, thoughts, fears. They look at the same sky, they dance under the same rain, they blow at a hot tea as you do... I'm amazed by the whole beauty this world provides me with.

Yesterday, while doing the weekly clean-up on my laptop, I found pictures of a project I did a while ago for one of the most important people in my life. Sometimes, when you are replying to a letter, you feel that you want to do something more... something bigger, something more thoughtful. So you pick a notebook and here the whole magic and adventure begins. At least that is what happened for me. I wanted to give my whole heart to a dear friend - surprise him and make him feel important to me, because that's true. :-) I put the creative mode on and started to fill all those pages step by step. I was looking for inspirations and ideas to decorate them and drank hundreds of tea mugs while writing the whole letter. When you take a careful look at my pictures you can spot a tea-mug circles left on my desk, hehe.
 It was a long letter full of my memories related to an orchestra I was a part of, my thoughts and opinions, my answers and my questions... 
Every once in a while I created a page with some surprises - a postcard, a leaflet, a card, so my friend can feel a bit closer to me at heart. He can see a place I recently visited, a city I spent a weekend in, read my thoughts about our friendship on a card. Sky is the limit in such situations, isn't it? ;-) What's the most important - it's essential that you eat kinder chocolates while you are writing, otherwise the desired effect won't be that good. No, I'm just kidding. A crazy kinder -chocolate-addict's humour is waving! 

All in all - it took me a lot of time to fill the whole notebook but that feeling when I had it all, ready to leave my country and fly through the Ocean to reach my wonderful friend - it was worth it. It was worth every minute spent on that project. My heart was literally singing a happy song about our friendship and it will always do. 

I'm in love with our friendship, Bart.


sobota, 13 czerwca 2015

The penpalling magic.

Hi there!

I'm just sitting in front of my laptop, sipping a freshly squeezed orange juice and dealing with my head full of thoughts about penpalling and the magical experience of exchanging letters and building a true friendship through them.

I have to admit I lost my whole motivation and joy of writing in the last few months. Yes, I was still writing but it didn't feel as wonderful as usual. A nice time killer I would say, what doesn't mean I didn't put my whole heart into it - I did! I felt lost and wished for someone who would kindle that excitment, joy and happiness in my heart again.
Something like that happened for me few days ago when I received a beautiful, long and handwritten with love intro letter from Italy.

When I saw this little package in my mailbox I literally jumped up of joy. I was very excited and eager to read the letter. I run up the stairs and almost stumbled over my own legs, hehe. I sat comfortably in my armchair and was all ready to open the envelope and revel in words that were written just for me in the most beautiful country in the world - Italy. Don't ask me how many times I've already read the letter, I don't have the foggiest idea. More than five for sure! I love it because each time helped me to notice, to discover something new, with each time my head was full of inspirations, comments, questions, new topics to touch together...

 I have received a lot of intro letters during past few years, and I have to say it's a rare thing to create such a warm feeling in my heart with the first letter. My heart looks for openness, for care, effort, creativity, neatness... For that kind of bond, that kind of connection that will make me and the other person real soulmates, real kindred spirits, real friends. It's easy to feel when someone wrote an intro letter in a rush, just to tick it off and to have less letters to write. Some people struggle to write about themselves... I don't really believe in that. I think there is only YOU who really know who you are, what you like, what you dislike and why... SOmetimes I even call it a false modesty because, seriously? Don't you enjoy sharing your passions, experiences, sad and happy moments, dreams, thoughts, opinions with your potential friend? Doesn't it all make you eager to see whether she/he shares your point of view, or not? Aren't you waiting for a wonderful discussion? There is nobody to show your heart to the other person -JUST YOU. Only this way a beautiful and deep friendship can be created. There is no other way. Just remember - beautiful things are worth taking the risk!

poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2015

ediimail - May.

 Hi there my lovely readers!

It's time for another ediimail blog post. May was a busy month for me, when it comes to penpalling so I have a lot of pictures to show you! :-) I hope you will enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them for you. 

Well, I don't feel like talking so I won't for myself to do so. I wish you all a wonderful, new week. May all your mailboxes be full of beautiful and long letters.