wtorek, 23 czerwca 2015

One thing at the time.

This blogpost was supposed to be about another topic, but I decided to follow my heart and write about what really is in my head right now. There is no point in forced topics, or in inventing them just to have something to post here. I think I've started to be too worried about opinions of other people... Will they like my new blogpost or not? Will I find any comments here? Will they be satisfied because of what they could read here? Or will they rather be disappointed? Yesterday's walk I took, helped me to realize very important things, to soothe my worries and it inspired me to change something and be happy - even though I'm going through something I don't have any control of and the only thing I can do is - trusting. What in my case is more than difficult. It doesn't mean I can't be happy, though. Because it's me who decides about it.

While I was replying to dear Martina's intro letter I paid more attention on the whole proccess of writing. What I'm doing in so called "meantime", when I'm writing a letter. Instead of doing one thing at the time I was chatting with friends on WhatsApp, eating dinner, checking my facebook notifications, going through Instagram pictures, talking with my sister... WHY? WHAT'S FOR? Why am I so addicted to all the social media? Why can't I turned my laptop off, brew a delicious tea, and write a letter in a complete silence, giving my friend my whole self, my time, my thoughts and what's more important -  my attention. It's not diffucult, isn't it? Maybe that's the reason why I have been feeling like a bad friend recently. Because I'm distracted by things, I'm not doing my best, I'm trying to please everybody around me and forgetting that the source of the problem is inside my soul. As soon as I will feel a peace at my heart, I'll be able to share it with others. There is a long way ahead of me, till I learn how to use all technological goods properly, it seems. I don't want to revel in them, because all in all they are quite dangerous and it's easy to lose oneself, while using them. I often catch myself on showing something what isn't true. 

I try to show how happy I am, what a wonderful life I have, while all I really want it reading nice words, getting tons of comments and likes - it won't make me a better person, I'm aware of that. It won't change anything. It won't make the need of being hugged, listened to, understood disappear. The nice feeling all the social media brings is just for a while. One-second happiness, I would say. After that, you have to close everything, your computer screen stops to shine and you are left with... nothing. Just darkness and your sensitive heart calling for living - discovering, exploring, being happy because of small things, giving your best, helping others... You won't find it in social media. Looking at a new, delicious food won't provide you with all its amazing flavors, looking at pictures of fit and slim people won't make you feel good in your own body, looking at pictures of beautiful landscapes won't make you feel that excitment of travelling on your own, discovering this wonderful world and having some remarkable experiences and adventures. 
 So I decided to do a social media detox so checking my accounts won't be the first thing in the morning and the last one before falling asleep. I will start with only 3 days and maybe I will share my opinion, thoughts and insights in letters... With those of my penfriends who would like to read about them, of course. I need changes. I need to start LIVING - genuinely.

Taking one thing at the time sounds good to me. What a joy it might be to dedicate oneself to something, without thinking about hundred of other things that are happening at the very same moment. Can you imagine reading a book in a silence, no phone rings, no notifications, no checking on other things... Just you and a book you are reading - characters, a plot, an adventure you are disappearing in. Or can you imagine writing a letter in a peaceful atmosphere, the sound of a rain outside, or some birds singing just for you and your friend you are writing the letter to? The quiet sound of pen, sliding through sheets of paper. The smell of a tea right next to you... What a nice feeling it might be to finally HEAR your own thoughts, which you want to share with that special person. I believe that our penpalling world is going to be even more beautiful and special with such an attitude. I want you to realize that when you happened to already achieved all those things, I mentioned before - you are very lucky. Don't let anybody and anything destroy it.

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  1. Awwww dear Edii, I love your entry a lot!
    It´s so important tthat you do things step by step! I realized it too and try to live that now!
    sometimes it can be a bit hard, but when I notice that I think about too much stuff (what I have to do after work, what I will cook,....) when I walk to the kindergarten with G., I have a big, black STOP in my head and focus myself to the present again...Hearing the birds around me, looking at the beautiful flowers around me, joke around with G. ... it became easier more and more and I don´t feel stressed anymore...well mostly :-)

    <3 Beccsie

  2. My dear Edii, this is indeed a special post. I'd say it's even educative and would open many people's eyes. I've gone through my period of great enthusiasm and sort of addiction to technology and social media. I used to have a blog I had personally designed and customized after learning some html etc... and an online photo gallery. Sometimes I miss having a blog because I enjoyed it however I have decided to be more selective with the things I want to carry on and the social media for me are mainly a way to keep in touch and updated. I really dislike facebook. I have seen too many people say and post awful things on it, regardless of you even. However I have been addicted and distracted by some social connections too and I'd love to discuss about this in letters, sharing my experience and my thoughts if you like. I wish you the most beautiful days, enjoying each single instant to the fullest and feeling alive and true as you are. <3

  3. Hello Edii,
    If I can recommend something - put your mobile phone to silent mode, use the internet only at fixed times (eg. once in morning, once in evening) and then just sit down with your fave tea and enjoy the moment.
    I can account it works well. :-)
    Your "blog neighbour", the hippie artsy penpal. ;-)