sobota, 13 czerwca 2015

The penpalling magic.

Hi there!

I'm just sitting in front of my laptop, sipping a freshly squeezed orange juice and dealing with my head full of thoughts about penpalling and the magical experience of exchanging letters and building a true friendship through them.

I have to admit I lost my whole motivation and joy of writing in the last few months. Yes, I was still writing but it didn't feel as wonderful as usual. A nice time killer I would say, what doesn't mean I didn't put my whole heart into it - I did! I felt lost and wished for someone who would kindle that excitment, joy and happiness in my heart again.
Something like that happened for me few days ago when I received a beautiful, long and handwritten with love intro letter from Italy.

When I saw this little package in my mailbox I literally jumped up of joy. I was very excited and eager to read the letter. I run up the stairs and almost stumbled over my own legs, hehe. I sat comfortably in my armchair and was all ready to open the envelope and revel in words that were written just for me in the most beautiful country in the world - Italy. Don't ask me how many times I've already read the letter, I don't have the foggiest idea. More than five for sure! I love it because each time helped me to notice, to discover something new, with each time my head was full of inspirations, comments, questions, new topics to touch together...

 I have received a lot of intro letters during past few years, and I have to say it's a rare thing to create such a warm feeling in my heart with the first letter. My heart looks for openness, for care, effort, creativity, neatness... For that kind of bond, that kind of connection that will make me and the other person real soulmates, real kindred spirits, real friends. It's easy to feel when someone wrote an intro letter in a rush, just to tick it off and to have less letters to write. Some people struggle to write about themselves... I don't really believe in that. I think there is only YOU who really know who you are, what you like, what you dislike and why... SOmetimes I even call it a false modesty because, seriously? Don't you enjoy sharing your passions, experiences, sad and happy moments, dreams, thoughts, opinions with your potential friend? Doesn't it all make you eager to see whether she/he shares your point of view, or not? Aren't you waiting for a wonderful discussion? There is nobody to show your heart to the other person -JUST YOU. Only this way a beautiful and deep friendship can be created. There is no other way. Just remember - beautiful things are worth taking the risk!

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  1. Masz rację, marzenia zupełnie nic nie kosztują, a spełnienie tego akurat to przyjemność! Jeśli mogłabym Cię poprosić o adres... ;)

  2. Hello Edi!
    I know you from Instagram (arturine19 ;)) and as I am starting a new blog about penpalling and co, I would know if you would accept to be interviewed for this blog :) And if you want, you can write too other articles about different subjects, everything related to penpalling :)

  3. Hey! It's Caroline, we follow each other on Instagram (my username is @rasmuser). Just found out you had a blog and got sooo excited about it 'cause I absolutely adore your wonderful Instagram. I've just finished reading this post and the first thing I want to mention is that your knowledge of English is very good! Second, your style of writing blows my mind. I love to read whatever you write. I would willingly read your shopping list :D
    Anyhow, I sometimes lose my motivation to write as well. I think everyone does. I think the thought that it takes a lot of time to write a letter seems overwhelming sometimes, but once you're finished writing one letter you just get this amazing feeling. And then you feel even better when your pen pal lets you know he or she has received your written words :)
    I've been working on a blog about snail-mail and pen-palling. I haven't written on it yet 'cause it's under construction but I will let you know when it's all ready so maybe we can follow each other's blogs.
    That's it for now. Keep up the great work with your blog! I'm so happy you'd decided to share the passion for snail-mail! I hate it when people say that the tradition of writing traditional letters has been dying out... That's complete bullshit.
    If you're ever interested in having another pen pal, I'm willing to join the circle of your pen friends :) I live in Ireland, a truly amazing country. Do you have any pen pals from there?
    Take care,
    Caroline xxx

  4. Hi,

    I just came across your blog by accident, but I’m happy I did.
    It looks really nice and I like the things you post. I guess it is always nice to see when people get so excited and happy when it comes to mail related things. I often think that people now a day’s relay to much on technology (but to be honest I do to… I can’t imagine live without computer. Going to school would be impossible because well we need it for everything… gosh I’m losing the idea about what I was saying xD and I’m slipping to far away from the subject I was/wanted to talk about). So anyway I just wanted to let you know that I really like what you post and I’m already looking forward to see more in the future. Does it even make sense that I’m writing this over here? Well anyway now you know :D