środa, 8 lipca 2015

ediimail - June.

Hi there! ♡ 

Summer time is here, I try to be positive about it, but it's rather hard when you are someone who loves rainy days and feels creative and motivated then. Despite all heat waves that are reaching us one after another these days, I focus on our delicious, seasonal fruits - yummy! Our patry is getting fuller everyday and you can find all kinds of jams and juices there. I didn't feel like writing or reading and spent last 2 weeks on travelling instead. It was a lovely time and I'm glad I made that first step, because my heart and mind really need such a "detox". I can't wait to tell my penfriends about all those little adventures I went through. 

When I left home, I had no letters on my mailpile. I was completely caught up - for the first time in my whole penpalling career. As soon as I came back home I keep getting letters day by day. It's such a lovely feeling. I try not to be stressed about it and enjoy reading and writing letters whenever I feel like it. It's a healthier way. I found a lot of inspirations to draw something on my plain, colorful envelopes, Nina sent me on my Birthday, if I remember well. I'm looking forward to creating lovely ediimails, putting my whole heart into writing and decorating and simply enjoying this wonderful miracle - penpalling. :-) 

This envelope is going to fly to Italy as soon as I happen to write a second letter to dear Cristy.

 My incoming mail - it's from June and the beginning of July. I feel very happy to have such beautiful pieces of mail to reply to. It's a joy! 
I have to confess I need to be more organized when it comes to my penpalling world. I always take my pictures in a rush, didn't upload every letter here, delete some pictures before I put them here etc. It's frustrating so I have to come up with a nice idea for my blogging organization. We will see...

 The longest letter I've ever received from Kornelija. 

 A surprise letter from dear Martyna. 

 A beautiful and long letter from Elena.

 A surprise postcard I received from Caroline. 

 A lovely letter from Maude.


An inspiring intro letter from Tanja. 

Today's letters: one from Finland, an intro letter from Sandra and a surprise postcard from Bianca.
 An intro letter from another Tanja ;)

 Just look at these cute stamps! 
 Italian mail - thank you Sara!

 A beautiful postcard all the way from Milano - thank you girls! :)

A surprise postcard from Elli.
June was a month of intro letter for me. I felt very inspired to start new pnefriendship with some wonderful people who might turn out to be my soulmates. I can't wait for all new friendships to develop! 
When it comes to my outgoing mail - I wasn't in a writing mood at all for most of the time, but a writing bug caught me twice and let me write two long intro letters to Martina and Cristy:

My first letter to Martina.
 My first letter to Cristina.
Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed ediimail of June. Have a lovely month full of beautiful, inspiring letters! ♡

4 komentarze:

  1. Ohhh my, this blogpost is full of mailporn! Seriously! The letters your send and receive are so so sooo beautiful. I'm in love! I'm glad you took a break to travel and I'm even happier that your little adventures turned out to be marvellous!

    I'm not a big fan of summer, either. It tends to get WAY too hot, especially in Poland. I also prefer the weather to be cooler and rain is always a nice addition. It's so inspiring and lovely. I like to read and write as well as draw when it's raining outside 'cause that's when I feel most inspired.

    I've also started some new friendships with some people who have agreed to becoming my pen pals. I'm feeling excited! I've been in a writing mood lately which is good.

    I have to write it again: I totally love this blogpost. Keep adding loads of pictures because looking at them is so blissfully pleasant! I hope you'll manage to catch up on your letters without rush and stress. Take care <3


  2. Jakie niesamowite koperty i ich zawartości! Co druga to ładniejsza. Jednak najbardziej urzekła mnie ta koperta od Tanji - jest prześliczna :)

  3. Hello Edii,
    How are you today. I hope everything is awesome despite the lack of inspiring rainy days during the summer. ^_^

    I have been looking at your mail pics from instagram and now stumbled upon your blog. I've been a silent reader but now, I feel I have to tell you that I am really truly inspired with all your pics and posts and blog entries. Honestly, I have been down in a rut with writing letters for the past few months due to personal family issues, but slowly, after looking through your posts, I feel like I need to start back again with writing long letters. I am really missing the fun and excitement of writing long letters and decorating them. Lately time is munching down on me like a lawnmower on old long grass. *sigh* I could only manage simple postcards writing and short letters.
    I miss writing long letters!

    Keep on posting and keep on inspiring, Edii!
    I really love reading and looking through such wonderful mailpornpics!


  4. Choć lato jest równoznaczne z błogim lenistwem, nie potrafię żyć w takich upałach! Wystarczy się obudzić zlanym potem, by zaraz się wszystkiego odechciało, już nie mówiąc o jakiejkolwiek aktywności fizycznej; nauczyłam się jeździć na rowerze wieczorami, ale w dwie godziny do zmroku daleko nie zajadę, a po ciemku to jednak się boję, bo tu we wsi to żadnej latarni nie uświadczysz. Ale za to sezon truskawkowy w pełni (oj, ten shake to wielka pokusa!) ♥
    Przejeżdżam w górę i w dół i wręcz nie mogę się napatrzeć; widzę, że czerwiec był miesiącem listowych cudowności - zdecydowanie zgadzam się z Caroline, oglądanie Twoich zdjęć to sama przyjemność! Swoją drogą, zrobione przez Ciebie koperty wyglądają genialnie! ;)