piątek, 28 sierpnia 2015

Powerful September.

For every dark night, there is a brighter day.

Hi there my dear readers!

How has your summertime been so far? I'm asking this question rather late, I know, but I'm very curious to read about your summer adventures, even though this season is slowly coming to an end. Any penpalling related adventures? Any dreams that came true for you? When it comes to me, the abcolute highlight of this year's holidays was meeting my dear friend - Sara. We have been writing letters to each other since May 2013 so you can imagine what a magical moment it was to meet after those 2 years of getting to know each other through letters. We met on the 3rd August and I think this date will sing in my heart till the end of my life. We had a fantastic time full of delicious ice cream, endless chats, stationery shopping, enjoying ice fruit smoothies and coffee, writing postcards to our friends and taking selfies - it was our main goal ;-) Even though I tried to imagine our first meeting it all was beyond my wildest dreams. And I wish I could spend such a wonderful time with every of my dear penfriends. 

 Sara, edii and their dreamt selfies ;-)

Summertime was also a very productive time penpalling-wise for me. I received so many beautiful letters and postcards... And managed to write a handful of them for my dear friends. I discovered what a big joy it is to write a letter in the morning, without all kind of distractions and this is how my writing process looks like right now. :-) There is only my friend's letter, a big mug of something to drink while writing and some paper and pen, of course. It's very calm and peaceful moment and it always works refreshingly for me. 

All letters from Sara.

Anyway - the main reason why I'm writing this blogpost is motivating myself to stick to my "Powerful September" project. I created it today while eating strawberry ice cream and watching one episode of "The Perfect Housewife" online. I consists of 5 categories: LETTERS, ITALIAN, OTHER, BOOKS and SPORT. I created a list of things I would like to do during those 30 days but I plan to start from now on. From the moment I will upload this blogpost for you and turn my laptop off on. At the end of September I will post a small summing-up for you and will confide my successes and failures to you. What do you think about it? Besides for September I plan another ediimail blogpost and maybe one about books I managed to read during summer time because I came back to reading on regular basis and I'm very happy about that. 
 So let me write down all my lists:


Right now I'm writing my letter to Nina. During the whole month I plan to write more letters to my friends from Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Serbia and Poland. So right now my list looks like this:

1. German friend.
2. German friend.
3. Lithuanian friend.
4. Swedish friend.
5. Serbian friend.
6. German friend.

And there will still be 4 more letters to answer but they came not so long ago. 
When it comes to writing to my Polish friends - it doesn't take me long time so I plan to reply to them in so called "meantime" because I enjoy more regular correspondence with them. Writing in Polish is faster. Besides some of them are my real life friends, we often meet and keep in touch by other means. 


This is the list of books I plan to read in September. Currently I'm reading "The Book Thief" and I plan to finish it till the beginning of September. But we will see. 

1. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
2. The shadow of the wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon
3.  Papered towns - John Green
4. The fault in our stars - John Green
5. Grand - Janusz Leon Wiśniewski
6. The last letter from your lover - Jojo Moyes
7. The women who heard color - Kelly Jones.


I need to refresh this language and learn as many new words and expressions as possible. I already picked some Disney movies I plan to watch in Italian, added Rai Radio to my favourites and dusted my Grammar Workbooks - " I verbi italiani - grammatica esercizi e giochi" by S. Bailini and S. Consonno; "Guida All'uso Delle Preposizioni" by A. Chiuchiu and E. Coletti and  a bunch of other workbooks. Besides I also plan to use my Italian magazines to learn new vocabulary - Italia mi piace! :-) 


1. A week with my bike. I mean riding a bike everyday during early mornings or evenings. 
2. A week with jogging. I have never tried that so it's going to be an interesting experience. 
3. A week without sweets - I know what you might think right now but it IS a sport, trust me :-) 


1. Cleaning my wardrobe and checking my clothes. 
2. Putting my University notes in order. 
3. Creating a presentantion about Oriana Fallaci, so I don't have to think about it during the academic year. It simply has to be done sooner or later.


niedziela, 2 sierpnia 2015

Penpalling (aka life) crisis.

It has been a while since I posted my last entry here. I'm not sure whether you notcied it or not, but this "it has been a while" thing is one of my favourite ways to begin my blog posts with. I'm such an original person, I know... Anyway, I didn't come here to tell you about my uniqueness but penpalling crisis, that caught me in the middle of nowhere and doesn't want to set me free. 
I feel I'm slowly reaching this point of treating penpalling as a chore. After being completely caught up, I landed with a pile of 10 letters which are so wonderful, I wish I could reply to all of them at once, but it's impossible. At the same time I'm blocked. I feel the inner pressure, I'm dealing with a real ocean of insecurities, fear of disappointing my penfriends who mean the world to me... 
I'm active on social media. Especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Every single day I'm skimming over all of these beautiful, inspiring pictures of letters received and sent. Everybody is dealing with mailpile and I'm here, doing nothing, just watching how the pile of letters is getting bigger. I know penpalling isn't a job, a chore and so on, and I shouldn't be looking at it like that. I know penpalling is about friendship, the special and unique connection between two kindred spirits, that it's a way of life and a real friendship can't feel like a chore, that each letter arrives ON TIME no matter how long one takes to reply but still... something doesn't seem to fit its place anymore. 

I've already got kind of an experience so I know that when penpalling isn't a joy for me, I should take it easy and focus on other aspects of my life - reading, travelling... and this is what I have been doing lately. I discovered books by Colleen Hoover and I've started reading my third book of hers. I'm wondering how I would like reading her books in English. Anyway I have to admit that the Polish translation is quite interesting. I organized a bunch of little trips to Cracow, to mountains and around the area I live in. I feel inspired and blocked at the same time. 
 I still remember that special trip to Wrocław and Opole. I was all on my own, without money, with a couple of sandwiches I managed to prepare at home, without a plan. I slept over at a girl-I-met-on-camp's place, I didn't know her well but she offered me a comfortable place and food - for nothing, for a simple "thank you". Then I could enjoy my first time in Opole. I was discovering the city I had never been to before. Everything was fresh and new, every street, every green spot, every building. I admired what I could see, I found a nice bench at the river that crosses the city. I read a beautiful book by Nicholas Sparks while sunshines cuddled my face. I was free of social media, money... Thas special day will always be in my heart. It was such a precious moment...

Now my heart is full of stimuli - I have to find a place to live in Cracow, I have to prepare for another year at Uni, I have to deal with a distance relationship, I have to be a good penfriend (stop - I WANT TO BE A GOOD PENFRIEND), I'm afraid of being left by my friends, I'm afraid my relationship might end while he is far away, I'm afraid of failing at Uni again, I'm afraid of more depression phases, I'm afraid of world war, of the end of the world, of terrorists. I'm tired of my constant fights with mum, I'm tired of lies, I'm tired of insecurities, of dealing with bureaucracy on my own, of having no money...

I'm not sure what's the point of writing it all here but I'm too lazy to delete it right now. Instead I will just click the orange button and let you all see what has been in my heart these days.