niedziela, 27 grudnia 2015

A very Merry Christmas!

 Good evening, my friends! I decided that it's the right moment to finally shop up here and wish you all Merry Christmas. I hope you're having a magical and peaceful time with your loved ones - full of joy, happiness and hope for all the best. May all your little (and not only) dreams created at your heart during this time come true. I hope it'll bring your many beautiful memories so whenever there'll be a tough time you can return to them and find a needed strength. I hope it'll fill you up with joy so you can go through life with a big smile on face and break all obstacles that are put in the way. I'm sending you the warmest Christmas hugs all the way from Poland, eating a gingerbread man and admiring all the lights in darkness.
 This year I'm really enjoying Christmas time. I'm spending it with my family and with my friends whom I drink tea and talk about books for hours. We play board games and laugh hard. I'm eating more and more with every hour but I don't care. I'll be wondering what to do about it later, hehe. In the silence of festive evenings I read a book or watch a movie with my sister. Right now there is the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie in the background but I decided to steal... a moment, instead of Christmas and write a bit to you here. :-) The corn is happily popping in a microwave and I'm wearing some festive, fluffy socks. Seriously - who was so genial to create such a magical time of the year?!

I received a lot of Christmas mail this year, and I'm so grateful for every piece of it that jumped into my mailbox. Even though I tried so hard, I didn't manage to be on time with every mail I planned to send. Some got lost because of the Postal Craziness caused by Christmas. That's life. I'll try to finally send out every piece of mail I have on my desk ready to travel and I hope it'll put at least half of the smile I had on my face while reading all the cards and letters, and admiring my gifts. Thank you all for everything! You made me the happiest person on Earth. Now, let me leave you with a bunch of pictures. See you soon!