czwartek, 30 marca 2017

The hawks delivered me a snail mail box. Let's have a look inside it.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has been a while, as always, but today I have a very rousing reason to finally break the silence. For as long as I can remember I have always dreamt about a box related to letter writing for which I could subscribe and receive every single month. Something that would make us, letter-writers, glued to the pane while waiting to see a postman stopping by to finally deliver this magical box (this month it literally was magical, but in a while crocodile... I'll tell you about it later ;-)). I saw a lot of them containing beauty products or even some food but so far - no crafty things. Then I accidentally discovered the SNAIL MAIL BOX which made my little dream come true, att least in part. This box is dedicated to passionate postcrossers and can fly to your house every month with a great bunch of inspiring postcards and little surprises. It would indubitably be a nice adventage, having it delivered by hawks, but not this time, guys. Let's have a closer look to what one could find in March. Are you ready? 

 Every box contains a lovely intro letter with an interestingly written explanation what we can find inside and why. Each of them is also prepared according to a different topic. On the facebook fanpage there are always some hints, but I have to admit that it's very difficult to guess it. I don't mind, as it's great fun to discover the contents of the misterious box later. This month we could enter the world of magic, because on 10th April we will celebrate exactly the 20th anniversary since our beloved Harry Potter made a stay on our bookshelves. If any of you has ever dreamt abour receiving the famous Hogwart's letter - it was almost like that. But even if you weren't keen on adventures of our dear four-eyes wizard, you would love the box. 

 Even though I'm not such a big fan of postcrossing (my adventure with it was very short as I fell head over heels in love with letters) I still occasionally write a postcard or two to my penfriends to tell them a funny story or just to say hi. The more interesting and unusual postcard I can pull out from my mailbox, the happier I am. Those you could find in the box were just perfect to send out with a favorite Harry Potter quote. For those who prefer more realistic cards - don't worry! There were plenty of them and I totally adored the cat one, which you can see in the picture below. There were also 3 sheets of a beautiful stationery, an envelope and wax to seal it and send across the ocean, or just to a neighbor. To sum it all up - 16 postcards that will surely surprise you and make you travel around the world and around your imagination, too, and little surprises to make all the writing process even more fun. 

Feel invited to visit the snail mail box page and get to know how to find this treasure in your mailbox. 

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